January 17, 2006

Arnold not Schwarzenegger

What a weakling this Russel Arnold is. Just can't get the friggin' ball beyond his crease. That too in the 48th over with Graeme Smith bowling. Twice he heaved and it went a few inches from his bat.

Though when he put his life's savings into one shot, he did get a straight four down the ground. You can say, it was Smith's 3rd over, Arnie was beginning to finally read him. But then, the next ball was yet another potty shot.

Bring back Jayasuriya. At least he has an alibi that's he's old and injured.

1 comment:

freddie said...

Ole Jaya sure got injured... and how! 'Slipped and fell while reaching for the shampoo' we are told...!!?? Another devious scheme by an Aussie coach to leave his star player out. (unless of course ole J really does need shampoo!)