April 17, 2008

Soviets and lefties.

Looks like India won the battle and didn’t lose the war either. When you win the last test in a series it’s an altogether different high - be it to seal or square a series or pick some hand-me-downs from the Aussies in a dead rubber. In dead rubbers, it appears, the Aussies go get a manicure – and choose not to dirty their hands with the efforts of a scorecard inspiring 4-0 win. 2-1 will do, thanks mate.

So while the Aussies pound teams in the virginal days of a series, it’s full time commitment that puts them off. Except when it’s the English they’re deflowering. That’s when even five-nil is an understatement. You have to delve into details. How many innings’ defeats? How many ten-wicket wins? Are the pommies scarred for life? Will they make it for the next Ashes?

And that is what separates two teams in a series, even when they are locked at one all. Like India-South Africa. Who, in Rameez Raja speak, dented the others’ confidence quite badly?

Even though India had the last laugh, what about Ahmedabad? Why did it happen? Does it necessitate a complete breakdown –followed by a rehab visit to get all cleaned up - to bounce back again?

Is team India just a motley crew of gifted cricketers put together– the Soviet Union of cricket. Also consider India’s policy on no-first-use of nukes! Hit us, then we’ll hit back, only harder.

Over to the Bong bombshell Saurav Ganguly, who’s nearly hooked up with the potential of his big box office debut. And though he didn’t chart a century at Kanpur, it set Sauravspeak in motion: his best innings, he says. Or did he mean, “one of”. Not as in “one off”. Either way, Dada was on: a left handed VVS Laxman.

Of the other lefties, Irfan Pathan wasn’t playing, Piyush Chawla got two wickets (and then wasn’t playing) and with Yuvraj Singh, the promoters wangled a 32 run item number.

Who’s left?

Gambhir for Jaffer?

Also don't be surprised if IPL performances decide the odd test slot.

By the way, Suresh Raina bats left handed too.


scorpicity said...

32 run item number... ho ho... the funny thing is there is the perception that India played well!

Straight Point said...

another cracker post NC!!

we are like this only...we need danda on our head to anything in life...be it preparation of exams...taking decisions...waiting for last day to make payments...etc etc...

and this attitude reflects in our team as well...after all they are indian citizen first...then players... ;-))

Naked Cricket said...

scorpi, reality is they played unwell.

Naked Cricket said...

SP - "we need danda on our head to do anything in life"
Time for the Danda march. where the i will be silent, and the team will come first.

Trideep said...


well said. probably the Indian attitude is reflecting on our players as well