November 08, 2008

With your penknife

Write me off
Pierce me through
It’s ok, know it’s you
My old friend
It’s what you do
You have to do
With your penknife

I stopped scoring
You started keeping count
Each time I failed
You succeeded
I lost, you won
I was caught
You caught me
With your penknife

I played on
You played me
I was bowled
You delivered
I fell short
You cut me
To size
With your penknife

It’s not over
You say it’s over
I didn’t say over
You said it’s over
Over and over again
I said it’s not over
You said it’s over
With your penknife

How come you know me so well?
And how come you feed on me so swell?
You parasite, living off me
With your penknife

I’m not out
You want it referred
I’m not out
You want me charged
I’m not out
You want me banned
I’m not out
You want me dismissed
With your penknife.

Like hell, I’m going without a fight
With my bat
Like hell, you’re going without a fight
With your pen knife.

(to be performed by Paul Simon, ideally)


Straight Point said...

yes garuav...

thats what i said at i think homer's blog that though dravid is reduced to a walking wicket team management is also not helping him out by sending him at no.3 match after match...innings after innings...

oh the penknife... :)

sraghuna said...

We dont need no education,
We dont need no thought control,
No dark sarcasm in the stadia,
BCCI, leave those veterans alone,
Hey, BCCI, leave those veterans alone!
All in all its just another 'p'rick in the Wall,
All in all you're just another 'p'ricker of the Wall.

Naked Cricket said...

sp - if vvs can swap places with dada, then why not with dravid?

Naked Cricket said...

sraghuna - can see, you're in the pink!

Q said...

With Murali Vijay showing promise and Gambhir to return in the next test, will Dravid still be there?

Something to think about..

Soulberry said...

Aaaah...I feel a penknife! I've been keeping count...

Naked Cricket said...

q - on the face of it, looks like the selectors have already had their little chat with dravid. dada took it his way, and dravid, well, he's taking it somewhat differently. the evidence and tv can be very punishing. each day he plays, he incriminates himself further. sad yet true.

Naked Cricket said...

sb, haven't we all? ok, not vm.

scorpicity said...

Superb one NC... hilarious... this is the end... I can see only 1 reason for which he should be picked for the England tour... a retirement series.

Matt Clements said...


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Damith S. said...

hey naked> how come you still havent added me to your blogroll.

im very dissapointed !

add me with this link now ! or else !!

Naked Cricket said...

damith, i'm very disappointed too!

deal is the blogroll here is thru and that site is still off limits.

they say it's killing them. i say it's killing me not to have you blogrolled.


Naked Cricket said...

thank you scorpi!
sad, but true isn't it? reckon he needed a sabatical like srt, only he never could afford it. sure, there's the he-doesn't-play-ODIs argument, but i still say he needs the bahamas. like we don't

Naked Cricket said...

thank you matt clementts.

will drop by at stick cricket. cheers!

scorpicity said...

Unless like SP says... Dhoni gets injured with all the extra loaded cricket and he theatrically makes his way back as a wicketkeeper.

A Bisht said...
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A Bisht said...

nice song NC;

You captured the soul of cricket well. If the sank spirits are not brought up; a player can never play cricket. No sports exposes the mental state more than cricket.

Naked Cricket said...

Thank you AB! Well said.

vmminerva said...

Another good one, NC, as always. Yes we are poking him. Poor fellow. :(

Naked Cricket said...

he's below the poverty line