December 09, 2008


{india england 2008 song}

I know the world
The world that doesn’t move on its axis
I know the world
The world that doesn’t pay its taxes

I know the world

Gimme a break
And fall in line
Gimme a break
And sign on the dotted line
Gimme a break
You’re no son of mine

Even if you were my little boy
You’d still be my little toy
Know better than to sell my soul
For some silly little personal goal

I know the world

I can tell your con from the crap
I can tell your crap from the bull
I can tell your bull from a bluff
I can tell your bluff from a lie
I can tell your lie from an aye

I can tell
You don’t want to play
But you have to play
And I’ll make you play
And you’ll make me pay

I can tell
You don’t want to pay
But you have to pay
And I’ll make you pay
And you’ll make me play

We’ll all smile for a while
Till we play and pay up
Pose for pictures
And talk of cricket
How we helped
When it was
On a sticky wicket
And feel all noble and nice

But in the end it wasn’t
How or why we turned up
We turned up.

And you know the world.

(to be performed by Neil Diamond, ideally)


Damith S. said...

is this the theme song for the series ?

Naked Cricket said...

Yes Damith. Even tho 2 tests should not be called a series

Straight Point said...

no NC...they genuinely wants to play... IPL...

Naked Cricket said...

good one SP.

scorpicity said...

The theme song for the television rights broadcasters... how magically people get all noble.

Good one as usual nc

Q said...

Sigh.. the world!

utp said...

naked...I must say...u have found the poet in you...absolutely...

Naked Cricket said...

scorpi, like to know the inside story of this tour's salvation and dravid's downfall.

Naked Cricket said...

Touché Q!

Naked Cricket said...

Cheers UTP!

scorpicity said...

shoot NC... am all ears.

scorpicity said...

Or are you asking me to elaborate... confused ::)