January 22, 2009

Delhi Daredevils Discounted.

I never did make it to the IPL players’ sale.

If I could help it, I wasn’t gonna miss out on the merchandise sale.

But I did. Or maybe I didn’t, I can’t even say if they had a sale last time round.

Somehow, last time I wasn’t a full 100% behind the Delhi Daredevils. So how was I gonna shell out a full 100% for their stuff?

But because I never got to the sale, I never could tell how many % I was behind them.

Would I buy at 80%? Or wait for a middle of the road 50%?

Looking back, by the time the Devils got to that knockout game vs. Mumbai Indians, I was with him in the high 90%s, maybe even more.

But then they lost, as expected, to the Royals, and I was through with them, just as they were through with the IPL.

I didn’t expect to be in Jan. 09, asking for a Daredevil tee at adidas? Firstly, I didn’t expect them to stock the stuff in this nowhere season. But they did.

While I’m no XXXL, I’m no Posh Spice size 0 either. But the little salesgirl brings me a Delhi Daredevil sports’ bra. It was that small.

My size sold out. That’s the way it is with everything in the IPL.

Later in the day, with the Daredevils many times removed from my mind, I walked through another adidas store.

They had enough 3D ammo to clothe all of Delhi & the NCR.

Reckon Sehwag and McGrath get their stuff from here.

And so do I. That’s when I figure I back the Daredevils 60%.

Two Tees for Naked Cricket in the trial-room please.

Which one will it be? The match jersey that Sehwag wears with the Hero Honda logo or the cheaper one with no Hero.

Ok, here’s the math: 1st choice: 1299 less 40% = 779.40. 2nd choice: 899 less 40% =539.40

Man, even the prices sound like run rates.

The team jersey’s great, only that neck’s straight outta the maternity ward. Ok, so the players pull that back – right on, in goes the hairy beast.

And then the store manager gives me an ace sales pitch – a picture album of Sehwag at the store. Only he’s in a Daredevil jacket, and the adidas country head is in the Tee.

Anyway, I buy it. And the one with no Hero too.

But when it came to the cap there was a restraining order.

For the record, I will not buy the Knightriders at 60%.


Straight Point said...

what about BCC! Ts...

Naked Cricket said...

Calls for a Bored Meeting, Bored Member SP: in talks with the t people.

sraghuna said...

Highly reccomended - Duckworth-Lewis to determine what your percentage backing of a team should be & to determine the price at which your moobs get the right kind of support!

X & Y said...

Hey...is this new stock, or leftovers from last season? And is the Daredevils logo a cloth patch, or a rubberised thing? The jersey I got last year had a rubber logo that got ironed over by mistake, so no logo :-(

vmminerva said...

Ha! Good to know I'm not the only madcap hunting for IPL Ts, almost a year after the event. Like you NC, I wasn't behind a team 100% last time around. Was backing BRC for Dravid's sake but didn't want to wear a T shirt that in anyway related to Vijay Mallya.

I went looking for the KKR's T shirt - it's not a bad looking shirt, besides Dada is captain, if you're wondering why KKR. No Reebok store in Bangalore or the ones I checked in Chennai had em. Strangely there are more BRC Ts in Chennai, than there are in Bangalore.

Naked Cricket said...

good one sraghuna.

Naked Cricket said...

XY, checked for you - it's that rubber thing. Catch an adidas guy saying leftovers.

Naked Cricket said...

VM, KKR was more a t team, than a cricket team. Just didn't get them. Didn't see any at reebok delhi either. an srk buy-out.

Q said...

I'd buy KKR's at 200% ;-)... Dada and SRK.. how not? Last year they had Shoaib too...

Though I agree, 3D is the team for this year..

Kannan said...


I came across an online website selling Delhi Daredevils Merchandise

check this out www.iplshop.com

Naked Cricket said...

Thanks a ton Kanan

almost expected the merchandise to be shifted to south africa

is it a saf website

can't believe they messed with the colors

Naked Cricket said...

sorry about the 'n' Kannan