February 13, 2009

Cricket in springtime

Cricket in springtime
Like lovers in springtime
Holding hands
Like hands are being held
For the first time
That’s cricket in springtime

Losing your mind
Finding your love
All over again
Nothing to lose
It’s all for gain
Cricket in springtime

I could have played with you
You could have played with me
But it wouldn’t have been
What you say
The right time, the high time
Cricket in springtime
Play by the book
Play by the brook
Play with a glance,
That is love hitting the ball
Some springtime
Go round the wicket
Take a chance
Open your stance
Use your bat like a lance
That’s cricket in springtime

Chase through the tulips
A red cherry in a red bed
Search party is in the barn
Somewhere North West of Cannes
Look like a loony in the hay
Saying little, what is there to say?

Cricket in spring time
That sexy lass
In the open
On the grass
Cricket in springtime
The game’s making love
To me!


Sam_2 said...

hey is tht ur valentine anthem ?

Naked Cricket said...

not intended but sure turned out like that sam.