February 08, 2009

Thank you Kevin.

Mallaya claims he would’ve paid a lot more for KP. He will once the IPL starts.

KP could be God’s gift to batting, but he is also the devil’s gift to cricket.

The blame for 51 all out will go in many directions.

But if English cricket is honest about the blame game, they can either yield to KP, or make him yield to them.

The middle path is not going to work. Not with him, not with the team.


Soulberry said...

Conspiracy theories abounded before the fateful innings. I have read it said that KP is waiting to sabotage Strauss in the second innings. Now all that we know is baloney for how could KP make Strauss sabotage himself? Strauss went for nuts as well...

I'll wait for the hysteria to become a monster twister - that it was IPL which somehow contrived this English downfall. Mind you at this stage, not one England player has sniffed the air in an IPL dressing room.

I'm just glad 3D doesn't have KP...wouldn't have minded Flintoff though.

Naked Cricket said...

sb, soon after strauss' appointment, kp made his captaincy noises.

as u'd know, a fractured team, a stink in the dressing room adds up to 51. It's been like that with India, and Q knows it's been so with Pak.

I'm glad too.

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Thomas Rooney said...

I am not at all convinced that KP will score many runs in the IPL. His motivation is purely financial.

Really like the site by they way. Would you be able to email me when you get the chance?



Naked Cricket said...

Hi Sanath, while you're at it, pls add Bored Cricket Crazy Indians cheers.

Naked Cricket said...

Hi Thomas, Yeah, i don't expect him to do much either. but more than the runs, don't see him fitting into BRC. But then they're all misfits. thanks n cheers.