February 25, 2009

The Younis Khan Joke Book.

Younis Khan smiles, laughs, beams, and generally transports more bonhomie than the sum total of the Pak teams’ negativity. Ideally the telecast should have subtitles of Younis’ sunny-funny moments. But if you’ve watched Ten Sports, you know, they are communicatively challenged.

Forget subtitles, they barely get the telecast going.

But that doesn’t mean Younis Khan’s jokes will remain buried behind his funny face.

When he walked in with a broad smile at the fall of the first wicket – “Imran Khan, you proud of me or what?” To which he replied in Imran Khan's voice, “Younis, I’m very proud of you, and you should always bat at No.3”

On the face of it, not that funny, but if you could only hear Younis’ silent imitation of Imran, you would be more than just a silent admirer of Younis.

And when he walked not-out, stumps 2nd day, what was that hysterical grin about – “People gonna think I was being brave or stupid but the only reason I came in at 3 was because Imran, you said I should always bat at 3”

Let it be known that Imran Khan’s legacy as a cricket expert has been hammering one and only point home. That Younis Khan should bat at 3. And it is not even funny.

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Q said...

U forgot to mention when he showed his biceps to Faisal Iqbal after he hit one of his many sixes.. haha.. that was one funny moment..

Naked Cricket said...

younis sure likes the flex, seen him do that before. Q, you've got yrself a captain with muscle, and he's not afraid to show it.

Q said...

That can only be good NC :-)

Damith S. said...

been a fan of younis for a while, i think pakistan made the right choice in putting him up as captian. early days yet though.

Soulberry said...

Tough luck for the man. But the Lions were running by the end of the day...from Younis.

Naked Cricket said...

Damith, you just said Younis and not Younus -pls explain yrself.

pak crick badly needed a brand ambassador, not a stoned brandy ambassador like Malik.

Naked Cricket said...

SB, Lions chose Fernando, even ABBA won't play him anymore.

mohit said...

Younis probably thinks making 300 runs is a walk in the park compared to dealing with the PCB

Naked Cricket said...

Mohit, sure thing.

At least he stuck to his guns abt his captaincy demands.