March 05, 2009

I see my cricketing life (shine before my eyes)

There has got to be a reason
For that one helluva season
There has got to be a reason
Why I served in the army
Why I cannot let them harm me

And I'm flat out in this bus
And I’m laughing to myself
What will you bowl now, Splendid Mendis?
And I’m laughing to myself
What will you bowl now, Splendid Mendis?
I see my cricketing life
Shine before my eyes
And I see
What I will bowl now, Splendid Mendis.


Soulberry said...

Thought provoking Gaurav.

Frivolity and depth - we never know where one begins and the other ends, what is and what isn't, and when.

The soldier lays sprawled on a cricketing endeavour.

Naked Cricket said...

Cheers SB.

Read Murali in the papers say he saw his life flash before his eyes.

sraghuna said...

A real travesty perpetrated by the dumbest, most parochial idiots on this side of the world(the dumber ones are their creators who dwell in the other side - the United States of Amnesia)!

mohit said...

Man, it's become even more bizzare with PCB threatening to take legal action against Chris Broad. This is becoming very surreal.

enkay said...

Was surprised to see Mendis with a plaster behind his right ear. Hope he and others have recovered.

Ankit Poddar said...

i second SB, that was thought provoking!

But may be it was a tad easier for mendis, having been a soldier, than for the others really!

Naked Cricket said...

You said it SR, esp US eh?

Naked Cricket said...

mohit, chk some of their comments here -

Naked Cricket said...

Cheers Ankit.
I'd like to hear what Mendis has to say.

Naked Cricket said...

Hi Enkay,
Yeah, saw that too. The bandages make the injuries far more obvious. There was another one of Tharanga i think, on the drip.

Rishabh said...

I would rather say that the Mendis has lot almost all his shine in his cricketing life.

It was obviously easier for him to defend himself than others. This really shows how important self-defense is nowadays.

Som said...

Splendid NC. Probably Mendis could have carrom-balled a grenade into the troussers of one of the terrorists. I still shudder to think what they wenth through.

Naked Cricket said...

Rishabh, a few rough ODIs, nothing test wickets, won't look too much into it.

Naked Cricket said...

Som, trust mendis to do that.