March 22, 2009

Raped by numbers.

Chris Gayle’s screwy stoned look will haunt me for a long time.

Never mind that the Windies lost a match thanks to the Dyson Lewd method.

It was Gayle who had the bummer trip.

His head whirled, twirled, he saw all them D/L score-sheet numbers collide with each other.

Oh maan, like burning fire in his soul.

Had Bob Marley been alive, he would have done a rendition of “No woman, No cry” for Gayle.

Aptly sung as “No man, No cry”

Gayle sat there, sprawled, legs apart in limbo, as if each one of those D/L equations were taking him, one after the other.

But Gayle didn’t move, Gayle didn’t cry.

He just sat there, as the world went by.

And then an age past by him, and the Poms were in for the salt-on-the-open wounds shake-hand.

It was remarkable that Gayle moved.

Even more remarkable that he stood up, almost half expected him to crumble to dust.

And then they shook his hands, but ask the Englishman and they will tell you:

It was like shaking a dead man’s hand.

So when Gayle later said that he won’t Kill Dyson, you had to believe him.

That was not anger he felt, just a deep pain at being raped by numbers.

Btw here's RS' feed on how to tweak the D/L method


maza786 said...

Good thread

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Yours in sport

Naked Cricket said...

Cheers Maza. You're on.

Som said...

I think Dyson had already started believing that he had landed the England coach's job.

straight point said...

great form NC!

i don't think even gayle would have captured his angst that well... never know... :)

scorpicity said...

Scary fellow that gayle... imagine if he indeed wanted to kill him... Dyson might have run into hiding and changed his change to "Iyer sen"

Naked Cricket said...

Som, even flower couldn't help strauss master the reverse sweep, what will dyson do - reverse read

Naked Cricket said...

SP, you never know, Gayle looks like he does some hard substances, makings of the shady windies ghalib

Naked Cricket said...

scorpi, i find dyson scarier.