April 16, 2009


You can tell that some days are meant to be wrong.

From the instant you wake up, you can smell the wrongness in the room.

It’s the day when the aphids decide to bloom, and gain immunity to poison.

It’s the day when a management guru's honda blocks your exit route.

It’s the day when mercury seeps through the concrete and makes it hotter inside than it is outside.

It’s the day when traffic in a silent tucked away slice of suburbia beats that beyond the walled city.

It’s the day when Delhi’s longest school bus sharpens its reversing skills against your patience and the neighbourhood hedge.

It’s the day when the management guru blocks your entry route.

It’s the day when the aphids greet you again.

It’s the day I learnt Che pulled out of IPL 2.


Soulberry said...

When you are fcked you are truly fcked...condolences Pujara.

Anonymous said...

Look at the bright side... damn!

Naked Cricket said...

sb, and for kaif too?

achettup, what's the bright side