May 29, 2009

The spinner and his batsman friend - II

The spinner and his batsman friend
Glitz blitz show and show
Let’s walk with the media in tow
You’ve heard of Beckham baby
Stick with me i’ll bring you lotta jalebi
Pump pump! pump pump!
The spinner and his batsman friend
Taught him how to bat and play the field

Slap whack career highjack
Monkey junkie flunkey Jack Kerouac
What a beat poet spinner
No rhyme no reason
The spinner and his batsman friend
Play a prank play a shot
I’m here no matter what
The spinner and his batsman friend

See how the spinner flew to his batsman friend


Q said...

I'll do it for jalebi baby!

straight point said...

but what spinner will do without his batsman in t20 wc...?

Late Inswing said...

a) Thump his chest

b) Run to third man and roll on the ground (after getting Ponting)

c) Wave the tricolour during the victory lap(if it happens)

d) Generally give the impression that he has done much to the common cause

e) Continue the joyride he has been having after 2001

raj said...

Well said, inswing. The freeloader!
Nice one, nc.

Who next? Warne and his bookie-friendly chota waugh?
Or could it be swann and bell?
Or, hauritz and ricky?
Or, better still white and ricky?
Maybe best option - symmo and ricky?

Naked Cricket said...

Good call Q

Naked Cricket said...

SP, lost some of the novelty of those legside shooters, hasn't he? And MSD's keeping will be tested, as Bhajji gets nervier, he bowls faster. How bout a very fine fine leg

Naked Cricket said...

Hi Late Inswing,

d) is him.

But i'll give him this much he's outlived Symonds, and he will outlive most of them. And

Naked Cricket said...

Raj, Mishra and Sehwag. With some other title.

raj said...

IMO, Viru should not be paired with anyone other than Gauti. It just doesnt gel :-)

raj said...

It could instead be
Viru(the batsman) and Viru(the part time spinner) - that will be more fun - split personality and all

Naked Cricket said...

raj, 1) that's a thought 2) inspired thought