May 05, 2009

Why SRK made McCullum KKR captain (a long shot, but what the heck)

You have lost sleep over the Ganguly-KKR episode. Then you lost your mind when McCullum became captain. But the reason behind all this is quite simple: team owner SRK was, in his cricket playing days, a wicketkeeper too - here's the inside dope:

"We were schoolmates. He was the wicket keeper and I the opening batsmen for our junior school cricket team at St. Columba’s School, New Delhi."

For the full lowdown on SRK and cricket, here's an insider's take.


adverbin said...

The KKR story has descended from comedy to farce to tragedy. Who will be the Obama to Buch. More importantly, when?

Q said...

I believe it was buchanan who made McCullum captain.. not SRK..

Rohit said...

The issue is not who made whom captain .. the issue isn't even who made whom captain and why ..? The real issue is that while we wait and watch the game we so love is being made a mockery off. I still love th game .. but am sick and tried of the politics being played on the upper levels .. affecting us fans .. far below..! Join my group on facebook if you feel the same. Atleast all of us who think similarly will have a common platform to express our views and interact.

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