June 16, 2009

Look at the bright side, boys

In spite of being Englanded, India hasn’t done half as bad as you think. For matters as trivial as these here’s a quick check-list

1) India will play only two less games than the Champions, and one less than the semi-finalists

2) By losing in the Super-8s, you, an irrational fan do not suffer the heartache of losing in the semis or the finals

3) Finally Kirsten and his wards earn that much needed rest after the IPL

4) As MS Dhoni said, it’s not as bad as the 2007 World Cup defeat or something to that effect

5) Gives India enough time to plot its revenge on the West Indies, that too, in the Windies

6) This revenge will be sweeter, they are one-dayers – so for every win we will inflict more than twice the pain – 50 overs X 2 as opposed to the pain of a 20 overs X 2 defeat

7) Sachin Tendulkar will be back for mid-wicket discussions, and at times, even mid-pitch discussions. If India needs a player to deliver, Sachin can play mid-wife

8) Didn’t you hear me, Sachin Tendulkar will be back, what else do you want, moron?

9) And yes, India play for pride against South Africa

10) India in such do-or-don’t-do games remind you of how good they really are, and you will forget just how bad they are in do-or-die games.

11) They did win 2007, and you are more than 2 years’ old, you have a memory of that match, right – we did beat Pakistan then, right?

12) We beat Pakistan in the mother and father of all warm-up matches. Frankly nothing matches up after that

13) India extracted revenge, first for itself, then for Pakitsan, by beating both Bangladesh and Ireland in one single swoop. Appears they beat Holland, Surinam and other minnows too, but they had to disappear

Now you can say Bye Bye to India here!


Anonymous said...

India would also be able to revenge for 1-4 defeat of 2006 tour :)

Q said...

Surely brighter at ur end NC ;-)

Sachin has pulled out though, I hear

straight point said...

the only bright side for me is less matches to see...and using calculator for the teams chances...

Naked Cricket said...

Hi Superunknown,
I know who you are!

I really wonder if a two team ODI series memory goes beyond the series itself. Right now it's more like getn even for the ball before - you hit me for 6, I'm gonna knock yr head off.

Naked Cricket said...

Q, good call if he's pulled out. Btw where did you read that, not on cricinfo?

Naked Cricket said...

SP, but usually India plays in the dark.

It's crazy really, all D/N games.

Q said...




Naked Cricket said...

Thanks man.

Thomas Rooney said...

I like remaining positive! I suppose I can now feel the same being an England fan!

Could you email me when you get the chance by the way?

There is something I would like to run by you.

Thanks a lot,