July 21, 2009

Thank you Freddie, for having Australia before lunch.

There is a taste to a session, how it unravels, the way the fielders move, who bowls first up – Yeah, Flintoff was there. No chances, new ball at Australia, new day at them too.

Australia wanted to score, but they could barely breathe. Asphyxiation a third party sport, if you watched, there was no way you weren’t sucked in.

And Freddie ballet man, after each wicket, down on a knee, applause! - there was no final curtain – it was encore after encore.

Such heavy balls he bowled, it wasn’t just speeds of 92 mph, it was the weight of each delivery – Clarke and Haddin, merrymakers till last night, badly hung-over now.

The day was seized, and we watched Flintoff seize each moment of the little day – what the devil got into him now?

Can he survive the next test, does that matter – Flintoff has won Lord’s, broken the 75 year old Voodoo, so let him go lounge.

Could you please make Sir Freddie a drink, he is thirsty. Earlier he was hungry and had Australia.


straight point said...

he is writing his own farewell script...tomorrow we will read it as folklore...

Som said...

SP, gem of a comment. deserved better display. What an effort by what-a-man! Since I have exhausted my quota of Freddinama, I resisted the temptation of repeating myself. But what a man!

Naked Cricket said...

True SP, even if Eng and Flintoff lose the plot and the Ashes from here, they'll always have Lord's.

Very early to call, but I think they'll lose the Ashes, this was it for them.

Naked Cricket said...

Som, total rock star, whatever it is they're injecting him with, don't stop. This is just the bowling, imagine if the bugger goes nuts with the bat - like Botham's Ashes, don't you want Flintoff's Ashes.

And of course, our very own 'Teri Ma Ki'!