August 03, 2009

Black in whites.

Big black man come out and play
Big black man come out and say
"I rule the world of cricket
Every which way I do"

Big black man where are you?
Where have gone the conquests
Your shoulders stoop
There is no general, there is no troop
All your armies lie wasted in some beach resort
Sipping on Pina Coladas
Does it have to come to this?
Without a goodbye, without a kiss

Oh, Mr Michael Holding, you I like
When you speak such wisdom in the Sky box
But what use is this, when your Windies cricket
Is on the rocks

And Mr Tony Cozier, you know so much
You even remember the old glory days
You were there, you are here
It is sad to hear you speak
For a team soh weak

It doesn’t have to come to this
The serpent is among us
We are the cause, we are the cure
Look deep amongst us

Look for the reggae in your soul
Look for taking cricket out of the hole
Look my brothers, look my sisters
Our sons play on the beach with blisters
They cannot afford shoes, yet they play
What is it, you have to say?

Can we not play our team?
Can we not play our half baked dream?
We may not be the greatest
But we still have a team
Can we not play our team

I want to see black in whites
I want to see black in heights
I want to
I want to
I want to see cricket survive
I want to see cricket alive

Oh, Sir Frank Warrell where have you gone?
Save us from these troubled times

For a taste of West Indies v West Indies, here you go

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