August 13, 2009

Boom Boom Big Daddy Afridi!

Right now, even if Afridi wanted to, he cannot stop himself. He is part of some greater force that has taken hold of him. If there is one English word he knows, it is AGGRESSION. If he had a speech blurb next to him, it would read as “AGGRESSION” - all caps, in italics, for there’s that nonchalant stylised way when he says it. If he sang a song it would be 'I’m too Sexy for my cricket.'

Look at the way he treats players, younger, older, even retired players – did you see him pat that old war horse ex ICL masterji Naved ul Hasan, like a baby patted on his head, “Mamma’s gonna keep baby cozy and warm…”

The youngsters got their share of lovin’ too – but frankly the only part of the match I had any interest in was the post-match chat with BOOM BOOM. He didn’t disappoint. Had the chat gone on longer he would have spanked Rameez Raja– the winks were missing, but the slap on the back was there.

And Afridi talked aggression, how he told his boys, I am aggressive captain, you be aggressive too. That is simple. That is T20. Push, shove, bully, damn it, you gotta intimidate.

And when after a wicket, a camera pans right up his raised arm to that raised finger, you can almost expect a bolt of lightning to strike through. SFX: BOOM BOOM!

Question is, how long will it take Pakistani cricket to make Afridi the all powerful cricketing General. Another bloodless coup.

And we all know how ready Youis can be to abdicate, just the slightest murmur and he’ll be gone.

This was written last night, when the net was willing but the blogger was weak. Today it's not Afridi's day, today, it is Happy Bored Day!


Anonymous said...

wow thats the best blog ever describing BOOM BOOM AFRIDI.. man whoever you are, you know the true spirit of cricket....
Azhar khan

GoDSenD said...

plz write more about this king.

GoDSenD said...

gr8 man i'll give u 10/10 the way u described the BOOM BOOM AFRIDI...

Naked Cricket said...

Hi and thanks Azhar and Godsend.