August 11, 2009

Freddie’s farewell was Lord’s

If he bowls anymore, it’ll be a farewell to arms, and other limbs.

Mind goes back to Kumble’s last ball in test cricket; it was over-pitched, driven down the ground for four.

Flintoff, much like Kumble, will flex his face and contort you into believing he’s giving it more than 100%. Often that’s true.

It’s such a shame then that also in view is the bowling arm, not going through fully, pushing that ball down leg. And in Freddie’s case, you can’t compare the mid 80s to a 92 mph delivery, or Lord’s to the slavery of Edgbaston.

But that’s over and done with.

Flintoff will play at the Oval. He should, even on one leg. If I was king, I’d make an even half fit Freddie open the bowling.

Even if it’s just for a Shoiab spell of 2-3 overs, hit the Aussies hard, with Mr Big. After that, save Freddie for Ponting.

Restructure the batting order to accommodate Freddie higher up – he was in some batting form, use his last two innings, greedily.

Make Freddie feel like captain. What, let him feel like God. Have him play the crowds, rouse the ruffians, set loose London on the enemy.

If Lord’s was Freddie’s farewell, make the Oval his resurrection.

It’s a one-time thing. Make us believe. But before that guys, believe in yourself.

It’s London again.

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