September 03, 2009

The fly by night batsman

Like history, Robin Uthappa repeats himself. He’s not one of those batsmen who invent ways to get out. He has trademarked his dismissal.

Today at the Sahara BCCI Corporate trophy (what a brilliant name) he tried to kill a bird, no a plane, no superman. He hooked, no pulled, no miss-timed one beyond the Ozone.

It didn’t go beyond the thirty yard circle. The keeper, whoever he was, gloved it.

Dravid, looked on from slip, like only he can, studiously, taking mental notes.
You can be sure Dravid will speak to Uthappa after the game. They are teammates after all, at Bangalore Royal Challengers.

Finally, all cricketers will be teammates. If not in the Blues, then in Tata Reds, India Cement, the IPL, erstwhile ICL, Warwickshire, Hong Kong Super Sixes, Beach cricket, Alpine cricket.

No wonder they call cricket a team sport.


Prafs said...

dunno what can knock sense into the kid.
you know,"that's the way i play",
is a lameass excuse for being an irresponsible li'l show pony

Christopher Poshin David said...

I admire Robin alot but he does need to curb his aggression.......

Bhaskar Khaund said...

Thats the part when The Wall is reassured on being reminded of an old adage : better no strokes than Robin Uthappa strokes :-)

Naked Cricket said...

Prafs, in a previous game, Uthappa played one of those breathtaking cover drives, even scored some runs. The bowling must have been crap.

Naked Cricket said...

Chris, used to myself, now I just curb my admiration.

Naked Cricket said...

BK, could do with a viewing of Different Strokes.