September 16, 2009

Not that far behind. (a song for Sachin and er...even Ricky)

One scores a 100
How can the other be far behind?
There isn’t much between the two
When they leave their demons far behind

One is the skipper
The other left his captaincy far behind
One is a mentor, the other went mental
When the Poms kicked his far…behind

Good for him
He’s left Twenty20 far behind
There’s just so much one can do
Better to leave cricket’s future far behind

You can play in the present
But you must play as you did
Far behind

The cover drives will come
The reverse sweeps will hum
Place it far behind

The bat will be straight
The defence will be great
Far behind

Foot to the pitch of the ball
You're in for the long haul
When the world is done
You’ll still be scoring a ton
Because one can never leave
that much class far behind.

Go get it boy, it was always there
In the back of your mind
Not that far behind.


Anonymous said...

LOL - where do you get your ideas from?

:-) said...

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Naked Cricket said...

Cricket Sid. How about you

Anonymous said...

I don't have any ideas, I'm afraid. I have to hope for help from Cricket Australia.

scorpicity said...

There was a headline today in a local news channel that screamed "Ricky Ponting plays the greatest stroke in cricket history".

News these days!

Naked Cricket said...

scorpi, the guys on air called it so, and even tho a so and so hit it, it was tops - down the wicket went ponting, the ball went straight, over sidebottom's head for six.

Very early into his innings, could tell we were on to something.