October 29, 2009

No balls to you!

By the 49th over, India was 349/4. After that, Fall of wickets 5-352 (Dhoni, 49.3 ov), 6-353 (Raina, 49.5 ov), 7-354 (Kumar, 49.6 ov)

Where’s Ravindra Jadeja - Padded up on the bench.

The kid has a first class double, a highest of 232* plus one more century, an average of 38. Compare that to Bhajji and PK: both have fifties but no century. Bhajji’s first class average 19, PK’s 23.

It wasn’t just the last over, it was a few balls in the last over. India was past 350. Bhajji and PK had crazy quick Domino’s delivery runs in the last game. They were expected to deliver again.

I don’t have much against that, esp after seeing Jadeja all at sea in the first ODI.

But just imagine what it does, when you see the bowlers bat before you – luckily for Jadeja it was only a few balls, imagine the scars had Bhajji and PK gone in earlier.

Then again, imagine what those few balls could have meant to Jadeja? That too with a license to throw Shastri’s proverbial kitchen sink at everything.

Looks like I’ll have to give Jadeja a net in the Kotla. Bhajji, try and stop me.

On Bored: The day this Jadeja will be called Jaddu


Som said...

Hail Bhajji, the Nawab of Nothingdom.

Christopher Poshin David said...

Jadeja, can't just come and hit the ball can he, like Bhajji?

Naked Cricket said...

Som, think we're on to something with that, more than Bhajji at least

Naked Cricket said...

CPD, MSD thinks so too