October 04, 2009

What’s got into Daniel Vettori

He wasn’t always like this. Once upon a time he was clean shaven, almost invisible. He looked so young, nobody took him seriously, not even him. There were times Vettori tried to have a word with Daniel or vice versa but one or the other would brush the other aside.

It was confusing business. What was Vettori’s role – a sidekick at best. There were ten players, he was the eleventh. This may not always have been the case with the all balcks, but at the Daredevils he wasn't even the eleventh. He was the twelfth knight. Too bad he wasn't playing for the Knight Riders.

Delhi also has Amit Mishra, you can ignore him, but then so will the results. And somehow Delhi prefers not to play two spinners, like the Indian team, better to have 3-4 quicks even if they go at 7+ rpo, at least you got the power play covered.

But these exclusions were getting to Vettori, and the Champions League is nearly here. Vettori has a beard, a deeper voice, and I will be taken seriously way about him. He's even winning matches.

He wants to play, and he’s ready to do the hard work. Like perform with bat, ball and beard.

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