October 11, 2009

Yusuf Pathan: out of his comfort zone.

There’s only one way to go at 53/5 with 38 overs left to play: Lofted drive straight down mid offs throat. Yusuf Pathan did not disappoint, he had an appointment with a talk show host.

Another zero, but this was in the lowly Challenger. It’s the zeroes in the ODIs that bother him. But you can’t call it bad form, he hardly played at all, out on the third ball he faced.

Of course you didn’t see him bat yesterday, with 300 runs on the board: he hit four consecutive fours, and big bro MSD was smashing away at the other end.

Today, it was different: MSD was already out, as were four others. There’s no way he was going to bat out of his comfort zone. And who does anyway, that’s just the name of another cricket book.

"Hello, Warnie?"

If you haven't had enough of Yusuf Pathan, here you go


Anonymous said...

Ha but he has dhoni's confidence. Vijay, mukund, sureshkumar all did well in the challengers.do you think it counts? Even if cheeka selects them, dhoni will ignore. Ojha and chawla are dong well but will dhoni look beyond durbhajan? No

Christopher Poshin David said...

Surely, the kid has no brains....