December 07, 2009

What will you say to Sehwag?

At times you stop because you sniff a story, other times, just to talk. I stopped because the three black stumps (with golden stripes) had been reinforced with a makeshift wicket in front of them – makeshift was made up of empty boxes, throwaway cartons. Puzzling; so I stopped, disrupted their game, and got all chatty.

Why the boxes, guys – I asked a motley crew of 7,8 and 9 year old boys, one girl thrown in for variety. They tell me the stumps won’t hold, in spite of the stand, or rather because of that stand.

When looking for a parking spot, behind Hauz Khas market, around the houses, I have times for these things.

They want to show me a stump, and they do; the stump exchange can’t happen either – they were bought in Sadar Bazar. Must have been a good rate, bet they have a wholesale shop for stumps there.

Done with the stumps I ask them if they know where Sehwag stays? “Haan! – Yes! – I know” And one kid tells me, “andar A Block walli galli me (in the A block lane, inside).

“And have you met him?”

“Haan, yes, I have!”

“What did you say to him”

“Hello bola tha”

“Just Hello, what did he say?”

Hello bola tha!

“Lagta hai tumhare jaise Viru bhi sharmata hai” (Like you, Viru's shy too)

I drive off, thinking, what will I say to Viru if I run into him in Hauz Khas.

What will you say?

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Anonymous said...

I met Viru in New Zealand - Hamilton game. He was not out overnight on a typically insane 30 or so scored in 4 overs in the fading light.
I went up to him - and said
Viru - I love you (I meant how he played the game of course). He gave a grunt and signed the book.

Naked Cricket said...

Haha! That's a funny one, must have been some grunt - bet he narrated this in the dressing room, straight faced as ever.

Som said...

Never think and you'll never worry.

Naked Cricket said...

Haha! Som, that's what Sehwag tells himself, what about you?

straight point said...

how does it feel to be like jatman...?

Naked Cricket said...

SP, I'd be tempted to make some Jatman talk too

Fred said...

He is a very good player. Seems hard to think he was dropped and out of the side for a while.

Anonymous said...


Naked Cricket said...

Fred, In cricket often the unfathomable happens.