January 11, 2010

Nothing cricket.

A Parantha lunch at the neighbourhood sweet shop, India Bangla ODI on TV. Two little girls either side watching as if their Dad’s playing – but they look at the ads with that same fixated pointless look. They’re TV addicts, like we’re cricket addicts.

I try to make sense of this game; Bangla is a light snack. Then I take some photographs – of the telecast and the mini thali. What else does this series make me do?

Watch cricket with the back of my head.

What will a Bangla win do for the series? Guess not much.


Mahek said...

Damn! Is that the Evergreen in Green Park Market? They used to have awesome chhole bhature back in the day!

Naked Cricket said...

That very one. How about a Chhole Bhature Bored meeting

Mahek said...

Sure, next time when I'm in town. Hopefully it will be in the next couple of months.