January 03, 2010

Sami checks into rehab.

On most days, you can bet your world that Sami will bowl the most magnificent crap you’ve ever seen. When he runs in, he huffs and puffs set to blow your house down – make nothing of it, empty threats.

It’s funny, but along with Imran Khan, I always felt there was something about Sami, must have been the speeds, the huff puff earnestness, that German engineering designed run-up, I still don’t know what it was – it’s like we felt about Irfan or Ishant. Oh, the promise.

Now Imran always believed Sami was an outright fast bowler and that’s what he should do. He sure did, but usually crap on leg stump. Last I saw him in India, he bowled so much crap it was demeaning to crap, to call it crap.

And that’s my last memory of him. Or was it; I also felt he could bat – then again, it’s like some of us felt about Agarkar.

But what happened today? I think Waqar’s made a big difference; when in the box, I still recall Waqar often shaking his head helplessly at Sami’s shenanigans. Deal is, a guy like Waqar needs to be hands on with the Pak bowlers.

Now if only Pakistan get hold of a batting coach. Or will MoYo step up and take on two roles?

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