February 01, 2010

Afridi: Smart or smarting?

Why did he bite that ball? He wanted that suspension bad, real bad, so bad he didn’t want to lose a T20 to Oz. And as the T20 Champions that is not an option. Def not if you are captain. Afridi knows: this team can't win a test, a one dayer, a T20, heck, if they tried, they'll lose at book cricket. This is not a team. It is an ego trip.

Then again, there's another theory: he’s a bloody idiot. Does he drink and drive – if he does, what would it be – cricket ball juice. Picture Boom Boom stick a straw into a ball and drive. Weird but then so is he.

Though not half as weird as MoYo. But that's an altogether different story. Looks like someone pulled his leg, he hurt it, and pulled out of the 5th one dayer.

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Som said...

NC, see what Lalit Modi has done to the man. Completely off his onion, my heart bleeds for Afridi.

Naked Cricket said...

Som, Afridi walks around with the edge, every now and then he keels over. Cricket needs nuts like him.

Anonymous said...

I was fuming about Afridi when it first happened, not I think it's hilarious. The guy is colourful.