March 04, 2010

IPL Board Exams Clash

On Bored: My old cricket friend


Suhas said...

I'll play the old fogie and say to all board-exam-takers out there there, "This is nothing, in my day we had to miss the climax of the Eden Gardens test, 2001 thanks to Physics paper 2!"

A Bisht said...

Really nice idea NC, it's a precarious situation to be in.

Naked Cricket said...

Poor you Suhas.

No shit AB

rajeev Samuel said...

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Aditya said...

I had my Mathematics-2 paper ion Class 10 for the 2003 World Cup Final!

but who does Modi give a shit about? All of them can join in!! ( fica,ecb,etc..)

btw, I have Blog-rolled you. Waiting for you to do the same :)
my blog :

Naked Cricket said...

Adding you Aditya.