March 28, 2010

MoYo - wake me up before you go go!

Players like MoYo never retire. They are banned, ostracized. Often ignored, not picked from the team hotel for the game, but in spite of that, their thick skin endures them to life’s ruthless ways. When life settles, it unsettles them.

A captaincy can provoke such unsettlement in the extreme. Poor MoYo, he was all shook up by the captaincy. As I have said before, it is not easy captaining from third man, especially if you know you’re a third rate captain.

Also, as I have said before, he, like his co-conspirators, those spineless seniors, who collectively spat at the No. 3 position…but if it’s been said before, then why say it again?

Sunday afternoon, siesta time, to hell with MoYo. Let’s sleep on it. MoYo’s not going anywhere. He’ll be back with a new hairstyle.

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