April 08, 2010

Let’s give Shoiab Malik some space.

Not that he doesn’t have ample space between his ears, but it can’t be easy being Shoiab Malik - for one, you can’t refer to him by his first name, Shoaib, because that is reserved for Shoiab Akhtar; and you can’t refer to him as Malik, as that’s reserved for Salim Malik.

Now it’s bad enough being Shoaib Malik then to be mixed up with these two illustrious players – between the three of them they run the gamut of cricket buffoonery.

Just say it – look there comes Shoiab Akhtar Malik! Someone, something is bound to get fixed. If its Akhtar it’s himself, if it’s Malik that’s disputable.

But the cartoons on Bored, have been in bad taste, there’s very little about the cricket there. It’s more about Malik and Mirza, Shoaib and Sania.

Now for a moment if we were to talk about Malik’s cricket, captaincy; on second thoughts, never mind.

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