April 24, 2010

Thank You Sachin!

If not for you, sky would fall, rain would gather too (Dylan) – if not for you, the 3rd and 4th place play-off would be big bore boss (Dhillon).

Look at your timing, Tendu – you were born on 24th April, not on 25th – had it been 25th, the Finals would’ve paled, but now, we will watch the 3rd-4th place play off for a glimpse of cheerleaders dressed in Sachin’s Birthday Cake costumes.

We will watch to hear Shastri and Sunny quiz us, whiz us on 20 years of the Little Master. If we’re lucky, Robin Jackman will retread the MRF blimp – make it the SRF blimp. The Sachin Rubber Factory…forefront of cricket technology…and did you know that Sachin wanted to be a pace bowler so he started the SRF Pace Academy…he once endorsed SRF on his bat, but he’s such a humble young man..he finally chose to discontinue it.

It does get a little much, doesn’t it – is that why Sachin’s so low-key? Being sucked up to all the time must hurt. Locker? Yeah, cut that cake in private, dude.

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straight point said...

tho his party will end with a bite of a cake pc or two but i bet smg, shastri and company will keep the party going on for at least 37 days as a tribute...

Naked Cricket said...

haan, that's becoz when it comes to sachin they get santi