May 19, 2010

No #

The IPL had #IPL. That you can never take away from it. What did the ICC World Twenty20 have?

#WorldT20? No way. You wanna tweet or write a book. T20WC, that’s toilet and you know it. T20WorldCup, too long. I’m not even sure we agreed on a # for this tournament.

Most times, most of us dumped the #. It wasn’t A grade # anyway. Next time whenever the ICC decides to have the short tournament with the long name, work some on the branding.

Make people talk about it. Ok, it doesn’t have to be short, something memorable will do – Sidebottom? You never know what you stumble on with an open mind – the ICC could just call the ICC League – IL, they’re sick, and if they play it in Chicago winter, so will everyone else be.

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