June 09, 2010

India needs a Saurav

Even if his name's spelt Saurabh. Here's Saurabh Tiwary's cricket life so far. And here is his India A Captain Che Pujara's cricket life so far. Btw Saurabh's full name is Saurabh Sunil Tiwary.

Good luck, kid. I have nothing against you, I just have something more for Che. We did talk a lot about Che on BCC! . It's just that the other BCCI picks the team.

On Bored: Nobody was picked, Nobody was dropped (after writing this post, I did think about Che, is he a nobody too? The next Subramaniam Badrinath - is that what they'll make of him?)


Som said...

Msg is very clear. A couple of 50s in IPL weighs more than truckloads of runs in Ranjis/Duleeps/Iranis.

Naked Cricket said...

Som, but it's bound to backfire. If they pick the T20 team of the IPL, there's still some reasoning to it, but an ODI team, not working