June 16, 2010

Who are these Micromax guys

They put their name to the Micromax Cup in Zim, and now in Lanka – but what restraint, if they had put their name to the Micromax Cup, it really should have been the Micromax Micromax Cup. But then they think micro to the max.

I’ve just been at the About Us page at Micromax.com - never felt so stoned. There’s the homepage, that has Twinkle of course.

Once you visit their site you will watch the Micromax Asia Cup. And pigs fly.

On Bored: Is it the Asia Cup

1 comment:

pRAFs said...

i clicked on the link only to be directed to their homepage which had a large picture of a stack of, err... stones.. plus their tagline says nothing like anything... i don't get what these guys mean!