July 30, 2010

Bedi's latest barb at Murali

Murali should represent Sri Lanka in the Commonwealth Games...in the javelin and shot put events

on bored: bedi vs murali

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raj said...

Hey NC, a deadly idea for a Ricky Cartoon popped up to me yesterday. Only, it is a month too late. It is about Ricky's personal space which according to Chris Broad was violated by Mohd Aamir. I got two cartoon ideas
1. Ricky squealing "Nahin! Bhagwan ke liyE mujhE chOd dO, TumhAra kOi baap bhai(substitute for maa behne) nahin hai kya?" to villainous Aamer, with costumes and props looking like a tacky 80's hindi movie :-)
Caption: Aamer violating Ricky
's personal space :-)
2. A reproduction of the 2007 photograph of an Indian fan planting a kiss on Ricky's lips, captioned "You know why Ricky is so protective of his personal space".

Though late, request you to consider implementing this, considering the mirth that it will give fellow Ponting bashers such as achettup, Straight Point etc
2. if that is too graphic for a family site, then