July 12, 2010

A good call

I got a call, I got a call
that the Poms gotta get 10 off 6 balls
I got a call, I got a call
10 off 6 balls, 10 off 6 balls
But that's not all
They're 9 down baby, 9 down baby
So I leave my guests high and dry
They look at me and collectively sigh
Oh, you're not leaving us high and dry

Before i can answer, I'm gone
It's a little strange, it's a little deranged
Trott is still batting
When I last saw
Trott was still batting
Botham gasped at some amazing timing
But I say, at 9 down, Trott still batting
That's amazing timing

2 of the 1st ball
2 of the 2nd ball
Surely they'll get
2 of the 3rd ball
2 of the 4th ball
and be thru on the 5th ball

I got a call, I got a call
The Poms gotta get, 6 off 4 balls
And what, who's that kid bowling
he bowls the slow ball baby
And Trott edges it
I got a call, I got a call
In 3 balls I saw the whole damn one day game
If you gotta friend
You too must call
Call, tell a friend to watch
Watch a game that B'desh gonna win
Thanks SP
You made a call, you made a call
A good call...

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straight point said...

cheers nc!!