July 22, 2010

Pakistan's day in the sun

It’s been a long while since Pakistan won a full day’s play against Australia. To string two sessions together, that usually takes some doing for them. Even at 29/4, after Ponting’s wicket, you expected Hussey to kick in. Instead the umpire kicked in, Hussey got a dodgy decision.

Then Butt’s captaincy kicked in, and when was the last time that happened for Pakistan? Instinct, part-time bowler, both coming off – part-timer beats bat, picks a second over, picks a wicket. Butt looked pumped, think I saw him fold hands heavenwards for an instant.

Going by experience, you will still back Pakistan to lose from here – take a 100 -120 run lead, and then slide into classic second innings bowling mode – languid bowlers that miss the first innings’ spark. Australia, worst case scenario, notch up 250-275 (if heavy conditions hold along with Hussey and some tailender freak show); Pakistan up against 150 or so; one Aussie quick gets his mojo back, Pakistan get bowled out for 88 or whereabouts. Yeah, you’d expect that from Pak.

Be good if it doesn’t happen though, like to see this Pak side bat, see the Akmal’s put up their cricket ballet show, 6,4, 4 sort of thing. Notch up a big lead, and see the likes of Asif and Co well rested after their monumental task (of bowling 33.1 overs) let rip again.

Anything can happen with a Pakistan kitchenette. Butt...

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