August 30, 2010


Yeh kya hua…kaise hua…kyon hua…plays, as a 17 year old kid runs up a derelict spiral staircase to his pad. Interspersed is also the news of Pakistani players spot fixing.

The kid kicks open his room door – he enters a room that’s plastered with cricket posters from wall to wall.

He starts to hurl stuff around in a rage. The TV is on, something about the spot fixing…he hurls a cricket ball at the TV. TV explodes.

By now the boy’s gone nuts ripping his room apart, running a knife through the cricketer’s posters. When he’s done with the posters, and there’s nothing left to deface, he pauses for a second.

He notices the tattoo on his arm – there’s a heart, followed by the word Cricket.

He rips into his tattoo with the knife. Blood.

This was a film idea I had 10 years back during the match fixing scandal. The kid was Indian, the location was the room over my garage. Since then the stairs have mended and the kid's nationality has changed. If you want to make the film, let's talk.

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Soulberry said...

The most effective defence in the world is provided by Pakistan - nobody can ever convict anyone akistan chooses to defend. Not UK, not US...nobody.

I think all crooks should head thataway to find themselves a good defence.

See the problem is rest of the world handicaps itself to a greater or lesser degree with the uselssness of morality and guilt. If suppose these abstractions were kept aside and not allowed to affect arguments, then entirely new lines of hitherto unthought of, unrecognized lines of defence open up.

Better than most others, Pakistanis have been able to keep aside sentimental abstraction like morality and guilt to achieve whatever they have sought and set upon in their existence.