August 20, 2010

Welcome back MoYo.

I like it when players come out of retirement. MoYo was sulking when he went away. Back at the Oval, he looked one with the universe of cricket again. This was his scene, he was the man, amongst his pre-pubescent teammates.

It’s when you reacquaint yourself with the minor quirks of a player that you realize how much you like the guy’s cricket – his nod to the non-striker, in a weird way, reminded me of Sachin’s nod to himself. Those crazy, black holes for eyes, where many a bowler's been lost.

His beard made me curious as always, and I realized it’s not as long as I make it in the toons – bit it’s still a caricature of a beard. But that’s MoYo, he’s been something a cartoon.

But can this cartoon play. From the defence, to the nod to the bowler, the few steps down, after one of those defensive blocks, and his movement across the crease. His communication with Azhar Ali, looked like he was shepherding a favourite nephew.

And then that cover drive, isn’t that why we want to watch MoYo? But the shot of the day, and you’d be lucky if you saw it, was MoYo waiting, waiting, waiting…playing the quick late, like he was a slow train coming, angled bat, fine, well past second slip, to third man for four. It had to be third man, for that’s where MoYo loves it.

If MoYo wasn’t so eccentric, we’d talk about his cricket more.

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Sujan Rao said...

Keep them coming NC! Love to read more n more of MoYo.

Bhaskar Khaund said...

Great post , v true . Cudnt watch the innings but noted yet another 50+ straight away.caught that third man boundary shot replay in the evening , also noted the vibes. U got it spot on - man amongst pre-pub boys !don't think they like him much , or he them , actually ! Well, a character , all in all !

straight point said...

MoYo playing cricket... for now... wait till he is bored of it and start playing dressing room...

Naked Cricket said...

Sujan, love to write on MoYo too, but he has to play for that.

BK, but he's definitely taken some good-vibe acting classes, he was quite a revelation in those huddles - exuding in spite of the beard, must be the eyes.

SP, just realised no Shoaib Malik in this team, even MoYo can't match him. He plays more himself.