September 23, 2010

Sachin, Yuvi and Che in the same sentence

Thank You Sachin, again.
After taking time out to play the test series in Sri Lanka, Sachin took time out to gear up for the Mumbai Indians’ to play in the Champions League, (simultaneously taking time out from the one-day series in Lanka); and now that Sachin’s team has been eliminated, he will take time out to gear up for the India Australia series. Sachin is always taking time out to serve Indian cricket, yet he is not called a great servant of Indian cricket, that is reserved for Kumble.

Yuvraj Singh Ltd.
It’s hard to tell whether the news is into Yuvi or Yivi’s into the news, but it’s certain they both get off on each other. It has also been established that Yuvi is a limited cricketer, limited overs cricket is but an ode to his cricket. If he had never played a test match, he would still be playing limited overs cricket. Even when he plays tests, he plays limited overs.

Who is Che Pujara?
Not many know who Cheteshwar Pujara is, so figuring out who Che Pujara is, is doubly difficult. Long time back I wrote Che for Dummies and I had not even watched him bat. This made me eligible to become an Indian selector, for they too had not seen him bat. They were still watching Nohit Sharma bat in the IPL, Yuvi bat in the IPL parties, you know how it is. To make Cheteshwar - Che was a smart ploy – it will be easier for Ravi Shastri to parrot his name. And you know, when he parrots something, something gotta give.

Che has achieved more this week than he will his entire cricketing life. His name made it in the same headline as Yuvraj Singh. “Yuvraj dropped, Pujara picked”. In this post too, we have been respectful of the hierarchy of Indian cricket, and the Yuvi section precedes Pujara.

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crownish said...

What are the bets he makes it to the XI? I actually don't mind someone getting injured for Che to get a game.

Naked Cricket said...

Hey, Dada's retired, who will you injure