November 04, 2010

Angelo Mathews plays Australia, like he’s playing India.

Mathews’ career average is a youthful 33, his average against India, more like a hundred. That’s perception. Reality, his highest score before today, was against India, 75. He played India, like Bangladesh played the Kiwis.

I’ve heard a few Mathews’ post match interviews, can be easily misconstrued as cocky – he talks of his skills more in Sehwagspeak. And that’s something that struck me today, while writing this. Previously, Mathews to me was just another in your face teenager. And his captain Sanga, with his almost salesmanlike endorsements of the kid, his brand manager.

And then Mathews made the MCG seem small today. And all I can recall is Mathews standing silently alongside his captain, who spoke some more.

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crownish said...

Because of the past two years, I automatically detest Sri Lankan cricketers. But then I went to see an IPL match this year. One SL player, Vaas, looked like he would finish the match early, lowering the vasool of my paisa. Another Sri Lankan, Mathews, however, stepped in and fought back, increasing the RoI, even hitting a six in the row right in front of me.

What I'm trying to say is, I'm an Indian and I approve of Angelo Mathews.