December 24, 2010

Can a nightwatchman open the innings?

You may not be aware what position Murali Kartik bats – possibly because you don’t think he bats.

But batting is a gift, and after Bhajji, it’s a gift that keeps on giving.

It’s now clear to every bowler, at least spinner, that if the spin doesn’t get you in, the batting will.

Murali Kartik opened the batting for Railways today. He scored 57 (144 mts, 96 balls, 9 4s, 2 6s). Good for him. It’s a shame his team wasn’t bowled out today, he could have opened the bowling. And topped that in the post match conference by opening his mouth.

That if anything goes far in India’s team selection.

I'm tired of the Bhajji vs Mishra comparisons, even Mishra is. He’s on twitter now.

But surely there are others who have not given up.

I suspect Kartik is still hanging in. Right now I don’t put the keeping gloves beyond him.

He’s only 34, been through a lot already, did you know, he even played for KKR – that’s a lot in one lifetime.

I’ve run into Kartik a few times, he always looks dazed – as if still reacting, somewhat incomprehensibly to the selectors.

Once was before an India tour, so that must be a long time back. And when I see cricketers I like, I just wish them luck.

So here I see, Kartik, by himself, in Priya market – and I call out, “Murali!” He nearly jumps out of his beads. “Best of luck for the tour” I add. If he spoke to strangers, think he would have said, “best of luck for the nets?”

Btw Bhajji has a first class average of 19.83 with 2 100s, 12 50s (155 matches). Kartik’s first class average is 19.21 with 16 50s (167 matches).

As for their bowling averages, why bother? The selectors don’t look at it, why should you?

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Bhaskar Khaund said...

Ha ha ha cracker of a piece ...brilliant read ! :0