December 07, 2010

The Return of Shukla

Once we lapsed with our vegetable purchases, the cricket chats dried up too. Then on Saturday, Shukla waved wildly at me, as if to move the sight screen away from his tomatoes. I returned the wave, though still very much on my way. He then hollered something about the new lot doing well. I had to about turn, and walk his way.

I informed Shulka that Gambhir was hardly a new lot. He snapped back with Kohli.

That got me going. Even Black Basant, the headman left his high seat, and stood by us, listening with his eyes. In all these years, Black Basant has never spoken on cricket, he listens. Could be he isn’t Indian.

And here we were on Kohli, like he was family. Shukla let it rip, then I took off on Kohli’s winning 6. Shukla added somewhat solemnly, they don’t watch, only listen on radio.

I made a faux stance, recreated the Kohli 6, emphasized the kid’s rock wrists, the difficulty in taking from outside off, hitting over long on.

Kohli added a good few MCs, BCs. Later, when I was on my way, it struck me, neither of us mentioned his old flame, Jadeja.

Btw I did mention Shukla and his Jadeja-Azhar fixation in my Test Match Sofa interview. And I will mention it to him today. Guess he'll tell me he doesn't have a computer. With a BC for good measure.

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