September 23, 2008

We’re no pussies, we’re Aussies!

You may not like the way we play
One sided, high handed, dirty minded
Rotten to the core
Always keeping score

We’re no pussies, we’re Aussies

We even dumped our own
When his head bloated, got a little overgrown

We didn’t spare Roy the rod
Till he asked forgiveness of the Lord
We just marshalled on
Like Malcolm X
We’re no pussies, we’re Aussies

So, why do you – behave like you do
Like a meow machine
Always whining
When you’re still arguably the best
Just a little far from your nest
Grow up Pussycat!
Cause I smell a rat
And we’re not idiots, we’re Indians

EASY! That’ll do for now

No it won’t,
We’re not pussies, we’re Aussies
No need to wear no falsies
We are what we are
We’ll show you what we got
Cause your prehistoric party has already lost the plot

No they haven’t
Yes, they have
They’re injured and mangled
You’re soft and silly
What kind of word is silly?
Pussies are silly

STOP IT! We’re not pussies, we’re Aussies
Ha! So you think you can tell
Pussies from Aussies
Like you can
Idiots from Indians

Get out of my way
No I won’t
Yes you will
No I won’t

I’ve had enough
I’m going home!

What do you expect?
From Punter and his Poms
Hey, who do you call a Pom?
Better a pussy or a Pom?

What do you expect?
From a Jumbo and his grounded Jets
Hey who do you call a grounded jet?
Better an idiot or a grounded jet?

We’re not idiots
We’re not pussies
We’re Indians, not idiots
We’re Aussies, not pussies
Not idiots, we’re Indians
Not pussies, we’re Aussies

Birdie num num!

(To be performed by the late Freddie Mercury's Queen, ideally)

Have you been to Bored Cricket Crazy Indians (BCC!) lately?


Straight Point said...

so what if we are
not making noises
more than talk...
its been pauses...

roy went fishing...
hayden wants to be fished...
and i am wondering
whose bunny i will be
till the series finished...

yes we are pussies,
we are aussies...


sorry gaurav...this is my first ever attempt at something like this...

Jrod said...

Birdie num num, i like that.

Soulberry said...

Please let us all know when the cricket songbook comes out in print...worth possessing. Once again, clean bowled, Gaurav.

Soulberry said...

Can you please add a Label called "cricket songs" or something like that to all the lyrics here. I'd like to link to that label. Thanks

Ottayan said...


This is your true calling.

Anonymous said...

Done it again, Gaurav! Seriously man, you should publish this stuff and invite us to the pre-release party ;).

sraghuna said...

You wanted to & now you've really broken free dude ... galileo, galileo ... FIGARO!!!

Straight Point said...

i second VM...

so which lounge...for delhi daredevils?

Soulberry said...

Yup...I like that launch party idea. I'm inviting myself in ahead of time.

Soulberry said...'ve got to add that "cricket songs" label to all songs you have here. So if anyone searches for them, or we click on that label, we can read them all.

Anonymous said...


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Naked Cricket said...

cheers and thanks guys. yet again unofficial work at BCC! kept me better than Karthik n Parthiv.

Naked Cricket said...

sb - labelled

sp - you don't sound like a virgin.

jrod - u visit birdie num num, melbourne?

Q said...

Haha.. very amusing. I see u r perfecting the art of blogging in the form of poetry..

Naked Cricket said...

Cheers Q!

scorpicity said...

Awesome NC... you should be called homer and homer NC... that would put the names in perspective!!

Naked Cricket said...

Cheers and thanks scorpi!
By that same logic, you should be called straight point.