October 23, 2008

I am not my twin.

Hey kid, who are you?
Where do you think
You are going?
You are not in the eleven
So go, get a net, sit in a corner, fret
I dunno, do something
Make yourself useful
Around here

It’s so simple
To make me feel small
I am small
I believe what they say
Because I am insignificant
Fed on crumbs of praise
Nobody looks at me
These days
They never did
I am "Verbal" from The Usual Suspects

BOOM! I’ll be back when they least expect
I won’t get a net, sit in a corner, fret
I will earn their respect
But not like this
I will bowl in the middle

You know
Everybody digs the Aussie way
Especially in stralia
My twin out there waited
Till he turned grey
One day, he found himself to be
Just another moody, middle aged relic
With a day job
He could not grasp
How it all had fallen out
Of his grasp
That too when it was all
In his grasp,
He had to let it go

I have been waiting for
the last five years
I am not my twin
I made my team win
I bowl leg spin

I am Kaizer Soze from The Usual Suspects.

(to be performed by 10,000 Maniacs, ideally)


Leela said...

Could u pls add me to your blogroll

Anonymous said...

good one sir :)

Naked Cricket said...

Leela, blogrolling.com is still offline. Have added you at Bored Cricket Crazy Indians (BCC!)

Naked Cricket said...

Thank you Buzzz!

Damith S. said...

Are we talking about Jrod ? the up and coming leggie from Victoria ?

scorpicity said...

Kaiser soze... oh how I loved that film when it first came out.

When I read your poem, I thought it fitted perfectly with Dire straits "where do you think you're going".

BTW, has Murali Karthik become a relic already?

Naked Cricket said...

Damith, isn't he the leggie from London?

Naked Cricket said...

scorpi, watch it again, it's still very good,
as is that straits track.
Murali is rocking in the UK. Does that make him a relic?

scorpicity said...

Well the poor guy... for all the hard work he has put in, not a mention about him anymore. At least he will be appreciated by the county folks. Why is this dude not there in red, blue and green combos?

sraghuna said...

Spacey was memorable in this delectable flick ... an all time favourite ... twin or doppelganger ...Drew Barrymore & her exquisite take on pure malfeasance!!!

Straight Point said...

i waited for five years...
but gave five-for to cheers...
i know my place was on lease...
but forget me not please...
I am not my twin...
I made my team win...
I bowl leg spin...

i know...i know...not as good as yours...
but still... :)

Damith S. said...

naked>ya the very same, who gave up the motherland and is now stuck in the wet city.

Trideep said...

Good One NC... How abt Floyd doing this???

Naked Cricket said...

scorpi, with jumbo and bhajji around, has there ever been room for anyone else?

he's doing just fine in ol' blighty - paired up with Shaun Udal, winning games, championships and taking a shot at the Stanford estate.

Naked Cricket said...

sraguna - very true sir. and i remember drew's doppelganger well.

Naked Cricket said...

Bravo SP!

Naked Cricket said...

Thank you Trideep. Floyd is most welcome.

Naked Cricket said...

check out HT's story on Amit Mishra today: boy was on the brink.