October 21, 2008

MO-HA-LI is calling moi

MO-HA-LI is calling
With the lights wide open
And the nights wide open
MO-HA-LI is calling moi

On the edge of
some desert western town
is the town's pride

MO-HA-LI is calling
On the edge of the fourth day

On the edge of some western town
is the Town's Pride hotel
so close to gate no. 5
that old man can walk right in

be in before the gates are open
and the lights are off
just to stand in the centre
like some old baseball pro
soak it in, soak it in

MO-HA-LI is calling
on the edge of the fourth day
MO-HA-LI is calling moi
you better go boy
you better go boy

Can't take no for an answer
drive in that yellow new mitsubushi lancer

And the road winds around
And the eyes round around

You get a first sighter
on the edge of town
You get a first sighter
On the edge of the fourth day

there is nothing to play for
there is so much to play for
the win already happened
the win never happened

MO-HA-LI MO-HA-LI is calling moi

And i soar above my seat
like a wave from M0-HI-CO

MO-HA-LI is calling moi

(written on victory eve; to be performed by Youssou N'Dour, ideally)


Soulberry said...

Have fun G! I envy you (emphatically !!!!)


Damith S. said...

You know this would make a fine Metal song :)

Hey how about a link exchange bro

Already addded you cheers !

Straight Point said...

i second sb...

scorpicity said...

A wasted trip my friend... by the time you land and get to the stadia, it's all over... I hope you got Zaheer mopping them up at least.

Naked Cricket said...

sb, this one's about PCA at night -the lights were on, and it was very quiet. Could almost sense what was gonna happen. The place was worth putting on film.

Naked Cricket said...

cheers damith!
the blogroll site is presently offline, will add you when it's back.

btw my artist pref's been added at the end.

Naked Cricket said...

sp - i cannot second sb

Naked Cricket said...

scorpi - it was far from a wasted trip. Wanted to be there for the last 5, esp the last one, and check the PCA out. One of those things, man. A whim, like playing Mishra was, i'm sure.

And yeah, I saw Zaheer clean em up - another 20,000 people would've done fine. Or at least get the school kids in early.

sraghuna said...

Sooooo ... ur presence augured well for MSD & co... the aussies turned out to be woosies!!!

Naked Cricket said...

sraghuna - it is a truth. it's working!

scorpicity said...

Yeah it is always worth it, especially when the stands are empty... you can hear the thud of the ball, the sound of timber!

Naked Cricket said...

scorpicity or sarcasticity?
But yes, the sound comes thru