January 11, 2009

Dance Cricket

Blindfold me
Blindfold you
Shut your eyes
Shut my eyes
Shut your world
Shut my world
Open your world
Open my world

Even if you can’t open your eyes, baby


This is not cricket
This is dance
This is dance cricket
Dance cricket, dance

Hold the stumps steady
Can’t see you, can sense you
Calling out: ‘Batsman ready!?’
Bowling underarm!

Dance cricket, dance

A thousand drums bowled in a ball
Almost like a bowler’s mating call
I can hear you, I can hear you
Wide of leg stump
Going wider of leg stump

I’m in stance
I’m in trance
Ready to sweep
Scooting down very fine leg
Gone for four

Everybody’s in the team
14 guys out to play
All will have his say
All will clap
One by one
All will bat
All will bowl
Good old numbering format
Put a number behind my back

B1, B2, B3
Grades of see
Grades of not see
Runner run for me
Keeper keep for me
I’m in style
I cannot see
I just like to be
Play my game
In the mind
Where it’s won
All by gut

That’s a hit
It’s coming at me
I’m at short midwicket
Sliding like nobody I’ve ever seen
Sliding like nobody you’ve ever seen

A thousand drums rolled in a ball
Almost like a batsman’s mating call
I can hear you, I can hear you
I’ll stop you, sure I will
Somewhere in my body’s skill

Govind on 49*
Hit one down the wrong line
Coach and leg umpire rolled into one
Asked him not to whine
It’s always a good sign to get out on 49.

Dance Cricket, dance

Match Experience Report and more pictures at Bored Cricket Crazy Indians (BCC!)


scorpicity said...

I watched one of these world cups a few years back and it was amazing.

Naked Cricket said...

good they telecast the matches.