January 12, 2009

Forty five minutes that shook the cricket world

Bored Cricket Crazy Indians (BCC!) have been offline for 45 mts.

The last time BCC! was offline this long was before it was online.

It's a strange feeling.

After the Satyam fiasco, you may feel that the blog books were cooked up.

And there really weren't any blogs there.

Assure you that is not true.

They were real. Just as Mendis, Shakib, Warner are unreal.

As for the timing, it couldn't have been worse.

Smack in the middle of a Bangla-Zim-Lanka tri-series.

And a Ranji final. But fuck, Sachin made a duck.

Did that prompt us to go off? You'll never know.

Hopefully we should be back for Agarkar's innings.

This time he hasn't made a duck so he can't get a pair.

Of course there's a T20 game on Tuesday.

We've spoken to friends in high and low places to influence the game's timing.

The Delhi Daredevils are in touch with David Warner.

Everything should be resolved soon.

And if it isn’t just remember it’s only been 45 minutes.

Patience dear.


Q said...

45 minutes!? Seems like an eternity!

Naked Cricket said...

tellme about it

Ottayan said...


I told you so. :)

Straight Point said...

if its more i will turn into patient...

Naked Cricket said...

ott, do tell again

Naked Cricket said...

SP, beware of morning sickness

sraghuna said...

Makes you wanna puke,
Searching for perps to nuke,
Whoever is responsible for this fiasco,
Shall bear the withering wrath of BCC! & Co,
3/4's of an hour in today's terms is an eternity,
Enough to make some of us misbehave & head for maternity!

Naked Cricket said...

Sraghuna, makes it the mother of all fiascos.