January 15, 2009

Get back to where you once belonged.

Comebacks are crazy: To qualify, you have to first go away.

But once you make a comeback, few highs can match up.

Is that why Sachin Tendulkar keeps going away?

Heck knows. Or maybe Sachin knows. Not that he’s telling. Not that we’re asking.

Look at Saurav Ganguly. Sure, he’s retired and all, but still, consider him.

A few years’ back when he scooted, the Bongification of India took place.

Everybody wanted Dada back. And when he returned, it was Durga Puja all over again.

That was some comeback. But again, if it wasn’t for his going away…

Just imagine what Dravid can do for his career if he goes away?

Once upon a time Jimmy Amarnath was the ultimate comeback kid.

Legend has it when he said his goodbyes at a party nobody took him seriously and expected him to return anyway.

That he did.

The other day Bored Cricket Crazy Indians (BCC!) had to go away.

Not like Kambli or Kanitkar, but generally.

BoredCricketCrazyIndians.com has made a comeback

Do tell, how much more do you love us now?


Straight Point said...

this comeback has inspired me to go away...for a while...

Q said...

Now i know how u spent ur BCC-less time :-)

Naked Cricket said...

Cheers Bored Members!

scorpicity said...

How much love? Well let's all make love. Might get the TRP's going :)

Amarnath knew a government job when he saw one.

sraghuna said...

The Silversun Pickups had this to say about the comeback phenomenon,
'With all the fire set in our eyes,
Without a cornerstone to realize,
That later on we'll build the pyre,
And burn so easily well everyone but me.

And soon we'll sing in better moods
A singularity well everyone but you
They'll pull the nerves out through the pores
Though bruised so easily the Comeback kid's not

With words that defied all our social gestures
No one could've known what the comeback kid did
No words could describe all the social pressures
That leads to the time when the comeback kid wins
And wins.'

Pretty apt huh!