February 27, 2009

Who wants to be on a trip to New Zealand.

What am I doing on the flight to New Zealand?

What am I doing on the team bus?

What am I doing in the team?

What am I?

I am very lucky to be playing.

But I’m also very unlucky to be playing.

Each game I play makes it easier

for them to drop me

and not pick me again

for god knows how long.

The best they could’ve done for me

was just leave me out of the team.

Anyway, who the fuck wants to be on a trip to New Zealand.

Ganguly video on team selection


straight point said...

yes...sometimes getting dropped from team is blessing in disguise for the tours like nz...

Anonymous said...


Is NZ really that bad?

I mean; we've actualy mown the pitches this time around,

sraghuna said...

They've really got the 'latest' blues ... Awkland proves Awkward for the desis!

Soulberry said...

I thought it was in aid of Irfan P.

Naked Cricket said...

SP, or being given a miss like Pujara - tho flip side, make it on a tough tour should count for plenty.

Naked Cricket said...

Leg Break, that's just Irfan Pathan and Rohit Sharma, every team has two passengers.

Naked Cricket said...

SB, you thought right.

Naked Cricket said...

SR, MSD is Frodo, the burden of the ring's weighing him down.